Smoking Cessation

Congratulations on your decision to stop smoking! The very fact that you are here, reading this, means that you have taken the first step towards a smoke-free life. That is good! Your heart, lungs and wallet will all thank you. In fact, your whole body will be grateful – smoking is the cause of too many illnesses to mention; each of them nastier than the first.

Not only is the smoking habit bad for our physical health, it is also linked to an increased risk of depression, anxiety and schizophrenia.

But you are about to free yourself from all of that – and save thousands of pounds too! What will you do with all your extra health, vitality and money? Imagine enjoying an amazing holiday and having the fitness to make every moment count.

Smoking ages us prematurely, but with a smoke-free life you will get back the energy and vitality cigarettes steal from us. Visualise your energised, strong and healthy lifestyle, free of disease – an active life where you live to enjoy good times with children and grandchildren.

According to the National Council For Hypnotherapy, by quitting smoking with hypnosis, a person is three times more likely to give up than if they used nicotine patches.

Together, we will tackle your smoking-compulsion in a single two-hour session. We will discuss your smoking history – how and when did you begin smoking? Is there a pattern to your smoking now? I will explain how your mind works in relation to smoking; even after the hardest day you can have the clarity of thought required to say ‘No!’ to the primitive emotional part of your brain craving cigarettes.

Our discussion will last an hour or more; it will give you a clear understanding of the tricks your subconscious mind can play to knock you off the stop-smoking wagon.

After this, we will get you on the couch to consolidate all you have learned with a session of relaxation and trance; using guided imagery and metaphor the ground will be paved for your new healthier, wealthier and happier smoke-free life.

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In person cosultations held by appointment at The Practice Rooms in Clifton and Westbury_on_Trym email: tel: 01934 645 939 or 07413 776 313

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