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    I thought it might be fun to create a blog looking at all the hypnotherapy news I could find. The big hypnotherapy news story this week has been the French woman who had throat surgery while under hypnosis. She sang as the surgeon operated so that he could be sure he wasn't damaging her vocal chords. She was able to have this operation without conventional anaesthetics because her hypnotherapist sent her on a hypnotic journey to Senegal. You can read the whole story here:

    How hypnotherapy helped save a woman's voice during surgery.

    Meanwhile the Stir website has an intriguing article about hypnobirthing – having a child using a hypnotic technique to control fear and pain responses. The article makes some interesting claims, “A comprehensive review of 13 controlled studies featured in Clinical Psychology Review found that hypnosis was more effective than standard medical care, supportive counselling, and traditional childbirth education classes when it comes to quashing labour and childbirth pain.”

    You can read the rest of the article here:

    7 Myths & Realities About HypnoBirthing

    The final bit of hypnotherapy news is that the actress Rebecca Front has been receiving hypnotherapy to help with severe claustrophobia - she is terrified of lifts, the Tube, tunnels. In addition, she has a fear of flying.

    Check out the Yahoo article here:

    Rebecca Front confronts claustrophobia

    Well that's all the hypnotherapy news I could find today. I'll keep me eyes open and report anything else I discover - look out for more blog entries in the days to come!


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I thought it would be fun to blog about all the latest hypnotherapy news.

At Life Coaching Hypnotherapy we use clinical solution-focused hypnotherapy - so I am fascinated by any news relating to hypnosis.

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